本文摘要:Facebook more than doubled its profits in the second quarter as the social media giant continued to reap the rewards of a fast growing mobile ad business.Facebook第二财季的利润快速增长多达一倍,快速增长的移动广告业务正在给这家社交媒体巨头带给持续的报酬。


Facebook more than doubled its profits in the second quarter as the social media giant continued to reap the rewards of a fast growing mobile ad business.Facebook第二财季的利润快速增长多达一倍,快速增长的移动广告业务正在给这家社交媒体巨头带给持续的报酬。In an earnings release Wednesday, Facebook reported quarterly profits of $791 million, more than double the same period a year earlier, or 30 cents per share.在周三发布的财报中,Facebook上一财季的利润为7.91亿美元,同比去年刷了好比一番,合每股收益30美分。Facebook’s revenue grew 61%, to $2.9 billion, topping Wall Street’s estimate of $2.8 billion.Facebook的营收快速增长了61%,为29亿美元,远超过了华尔街28亿美元的预期。CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his satisfaction with the company’s second-quarter results, saying in statement that “our community has continued to grow, and we see a lot of opportunity ahead as we connect the rest of the world.”公司CEO马克o扎克伯格对第二财季的展现出表示满意,他在声明中说:“我们的社区仍在持续增长,随着我们与世界其他地区的联系日益密切,我们将步入更加多机遇。


”Nearly $2.7 billion of the company’s revenue this past quarter came from advertising, with roughly 62% of that total coming from mobile ads. That percentage is up from last year’s second quarter, when mobile ad sales made up 41% of Facebook’s advertising revenue. Facebook also said the number of its monthly active users increased 14% year-over-year to 1.32 billion, while its mobile monthly active users jumped 31% to 1.07 billion.公司上一财季的收益中,大约有27亿美元来自广告业务,其中62%来自移动广告。该比例同比快速增长显著,去年第二财季,移动广告销售占到Facebook广告总收入的41%。此外,Facebook回应其每月活跃用户量同比快速增长了14%,超过13.2亿人,而每月活跃移动用户量快速增长了31%,超过10.7亿人。Researcher eMarketer said in March that Facebook managed to increase its share of the $18 billion U.S. mobile ad industry to 17.5% last year from just 5.4% in 2012. Zuckerberg’s company is expected to keep expanding its share of the market this year as the social media site continues to chip away at rival Google’s own hold on the market. The online search giant held about half of the mobile ad market in the U.S. last year, but eMarketer expects that stake to shrink this year.三月份,市场调查公司eMarketer的研究人员曾回应,去年,在价值180亿美元的美国移动广告市场,Facebook顺利将份额从2012年的5.4%不断扩大到17.5%。


Facebook’s stock closed Wednesday up 2.9%, before the earnings report. In after-hours trading, following the results, the company’s shares rose another 4% to just over $74.在周三发布财报之前,Facebook的股票在收盘时下跌了2.9%。而在财报发布之后的盘后交易中,公司股票又下跌了4%,超过每股74美元。